VP and Head of Global Supply Chain and Procurement Excellence, ARLANXEO

Yasser Bin Sabir

Yasser Bin Sabir is currently VP and Head of Global Supply Chain and Procurement Excellence at ARLANXEO – a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco. He is responsible for developing and executing the company Supply Chain strategy, with a focus on establishing Resilient and Agile supply chains to meet the challenges of the post-Covid world. Prior to Arlanxeo, Yasser worked with globally leading companies such as Lanxess, Bayer and Reliance.

He has a successful senior leadership track record of over 20 years spanning the areas of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Supply Chain, Strategy and Sales & Marketing. He has been a trend setter and thought leader in Agile IBP and S&OP, having led several global scale deployments in the area. He has a proven track record in achieving business transformation and in implementing processes and structures that have achieved best practice benchmarks. Currently based in Switzerland, Yasser has extensive experience of living and working in several countries across the globe.