Head of Business & Economic Development, Canton of Zurich

Fabian Streiff

Fabian Streiff has been Head of the Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich since January 2021. With his team, he is committed to ensuring a strong, competitive and attractive business and innovation location. Fabian Streiff is also responsible for the team which handles the “Work Permits for Third-Country Nationals”.
Fabian Streiff is an economic geographer interested in the development of economic areas and ecosystems. He completed his doctorate at the University of Bern on the topic of “Path Development of New Industries,” worked in consulting for location and regional development in the Basel area from 2013 to 2020. As Co-Head of the Office of Economy and Labour of Canton of Basel-Stadt, he focused on strengthening the life sciences location, before most recently working as Head of Innovation in digital health, called “DayOne”, for the successful transformation of Basel as a pharmaceutical location.
Currently, Fabian Streiff lives in Richterswil, is married and father of 3 children.