VP Smart Factory, Datwyler Group

Andrea Rapetti

Starting in the ERP consulting world, with a MSc in Industrial Technology engineering, Andrea soon started to realise the impact of Information Technologies in the Operation environment.

After 11 years focusing on all key production, quality and logistic topics on SAP, he moved then to Siemens Digital Industry, as part of MES solution product management, extending coverage towards Automation and PLM integration, with focus on Discrete Manufacturing production processes.

Thanks to such cross IT/OT knowledge and experience, he had been involved, since the beginning of the Industry 4.0 wave, in the definition, communication and evangelism of such disrupting concepts, acting as a Thought Leader for Digital Transformation.

He has worked aside the most innovative companies to identify needs and design long term strategic digitalization roadmaps through the adoption of new emerging technologies: Digital Twin, IoT, AR/VR, Deep Analytics…

After heading the Siemens Digital Enterprise and Digital Service practice in Italy, he has decided to leave the German conglomerate and to sit on the other side of the scene, proofing the benefits of Digitalization in a Manufacturing environment.

Currently he is the VP Smart Factory and leads the Digital Transformation in Operations at Datwyler, a multinational company leader in system critical elastomers for Healthcare, Automotive and Food&Beverage.