With many countries around the world, including Switzerland, still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, decision has been taken to postpone the First Swiss Supply Chain & Logistics Conference by three months. 

Geneva, April 15 2021 – Initially scheduled for 28-29 June, the First Swiss Supply Chain & Logistics Conference will finally take place on 6 – 7 September at the Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre following the announcements made by the Swiss government on Wednesday.

It has been a difficult decision to take, but we see this as the right and pragmatic approach and the best possible compromise in order to organise an event of the desired quality, with the level and number of participants expected”, said Inna Maltseva, SCLC partners manager. “Our aim is to organise a great conference, with excellent speakers and relevant corporations. We also want to focus on conviviality and promote networking, and a postponement of the conference will help us to achieve these goals, for the benefit of all participants.

This decision follows official announcements made by the Swiss government, restricting the number of participants in an event to 15, and is taken for the safety of participants, staff and partners of the event.

 Since the official launch of the conference on 21 January, we have successfully elected our advisory board, developed the draft conference programme, invited the first speakersand welcomed our first partners and exhibitors“, says Bernard Schopfer, the founder of the conference. ” We are perfectly on track, rigorously following our roadmap. But in these uncertain times, nothing can be taken for granted and we had no alternative than to take the necessary decision and postpone the conference by three months. ” 

All partnerships agreed at this stage, as well as delegate registrations, remain valid for the event on 6-7 September.

Please save this new date in your calendars. We look forward to welcoming you to Geneva for the First Swiss Supply Chain and Logistics Conference.